Bespoke Research

Bespoke Due Diligence Reports

Our Bespoke Due Diligence Reports provide deep dive research into the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects of companies. Special attention is given to the 'S' and 'G' of ESG.

More reliable due diligence: we provide deep dive research others can't.

Some of what our previous Bespoke Due Diligence Reports have found include:

Undeclared lease liabilities
Conflicts of interest
Undeclared tax penalties ($ millions)
Undeclared litigation
Future company plans
Litigation hidden in subsidiaries
Failed international expansion
Plus more
How does it work?

Unless you need a Bespoke Report urgently, we prefer to have a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks. That enables us to apply for information that can sometimes take weeks to process. Our software greatly reduces wait times, but it can still be a lengthy process.

Having a research scope will reduce our time and reduce your cost. We do tend to wander outside of the scope as research can take us down many paths. We will never abandon the scope and do our own thing without your approval, but we might need to take initiative if information presents itself that might be important.

For IPOs, it's often best to keep the scope as general as possible. We have a system in place that means our research covers various areas. It's great as researchers to have a free run and see what we can dig up - if the scope is too specific, it might mean we miss information that we otherwise would have found.

We do not give investment advice, and our research is purely ESG related (not financial - we do not provide an analysis on financials).

If we haven't found something (for example, conflicts of interest, litigation, penalties), that's not to say it doesn't exist. Companies can go to great lengths to hide information, and we are only able to include public information in our Bespoke Reports. Sometimes we know more but we can't include it. Sometimes there's no public information on something or we can't uncover it.

Our Bespoke Reports are intended to help guide further research into the company, or help you frame questions for the company.

To ensure the research remains unbiased, any project we undertake does not consider your investment strategy.

It makes no difference on how we approach our research.