We’re In Demand

Given our years of advocacy, research, and consulting, professionals (lawyers and analysts in particular) have benefited from booking us for insight sessions. Our insights are quite different to standard consultants or experts. We, probably like you, speak to many academics, lawyers, and industry-funded professionals. While they can provide excellent analyses, data, or opinions, our extensive history in exposing corporate misconduct and conducting due diligence reports means we can provide something different.

Industries we've researched and can share insights on include:

Facilities Services

Book A Session With Us
Insight sessions are normally held in groups of 5-10 analysts or lawyers and have been hosted by other organisations. If your company would like to host us, please fill out our contact form, or call to arrange. You can also contact us if you’d like to be notified if we host our own virtual or in-person insight session.

Alternatively, companies have also booked us for private insight sessions. These private discussions are great as it enables you to ask as many questions as you want specific to your interests or research.

Why We’re In Demand
As worker and consumer advocates, by nature we are immersed in various sectors and industries.

Analysts have been impressed with our predictions and insights. We speak to many different types of professionals, including workers on the ground, franchisees, lawyers, academics, and other analysts. We have a good feel for what you might want to know. Plus we have done a number of Due Diligence Reports into various companies, and sometimes we can share parts of our work.

At one analyst discussion, we predicted there would be a franchising inquiry held. Not too long after, the Federal Inquiry into the Operation and Effectiveness of the Franchising Code of Conduct was announced.

Franchising Insight Sessions
We have done extensive research into franchising, have spoken to countless franchisees and workers, and have developed unique insights along the way. Unlike a number of franchise experts, our business model does not rely on franchisors or industry groups. This means you can rely on our insights being free from bias.

We are up to date on proposed changes to Franchising laws in Australia. Although we can't provide legal analysis or advice, we can share insights on how this impacts franchisees and franchisors, and the general feel of the sector. We are sure to only ever share public information.

We've helped expose a number of franchises for misconduct: 7-Eleven, Domino's Pizza, Retail Food Group, Mortgage Choice, and others. We can also share insights regarding these companies.