Diligence Research is a trusted research organisation founded in early 2018 by Maddison Johnstone and Michael Fraser.

Research is the cornerstone of many professions. Information and data are becoming more and more crucial. Unfortunately it’s difficult to ascertain what’s relevant and important when conducting research.

Due diligence is an important aspect for many people, including prospective shareholders, franchisees, and workers. On the ground research combined with technology solutions can provide thorough insights into the conduct of companies.

Our body of work speaks for itself, as our two founders have helped expose systemic issues and misconduct in a number of companies. You can read more about us here.

Our clients currently consist of analysts, investors, journalists, lawyers and more. We have two main research streams available to our clients: bespoke deep dive research reports, and software-generated reports.

Deep Dive Environmental, Social, and Governance Research

Most popular with investors and analysts, bespoke deep dive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) research reports are available for those wishing to conduct intensive research on organisations. Common deep dive research reports requested include intensive research into:

  • Companies that are launching their Initial Public Offering (IPO),
  • Companies on the ASX,
  • Private-equity backed organisations,
  • Franchise systems, and
  • Conflicts of interest at Board level.

These reports are built entirely from publicly available information relating to ESG, and are best suited for time poor professionals. These reports do not dissect financial reporting, or provide investment advice. Previous reports done for clients have revealed conflicts of interest, patterns of litigation, underlying issues of bullying, risk of or existing franchisee churn and unprofitability, lease liabilities, plus more.

As ESG considerations become more important, our deep dive ESG research reports are vital for investors and analysts.

Deep dive research identifies risks and opportunities: a look before you leap approach is our only recommendation when it comes to investing. A media exposé could be right around the corner.

Software-Generated Research

We use proprietary software (developed by the founders) that collects publicly available government information. Much of this information is not found on Google. Other information is only available by using clunky, slow, and hard to use government websites. It can be time consuming visiting multiple government websites when researching. Journalists, investors, analysts, lawyers, funders, and other professionals are currently enjoying the simplicity of our software that does the work for you.

Are you a decision-maker? Too often, research is relegated to someone who is not equipped with the best techniques. Research is outsourced to media monitors who miss key pieces of information. Most frequently, research is put on the backburner or rushed through by doing a quick Google search. You probably have no idea what’s out there about your own organisation, and the bad news for you is journalists, your competitors, and investors have access to us and our research.

Depending on your needs, there are a number of different packages available, whether it’s a daily email alert of court filings, a monthly report on submissions published in Federal Parliament, or a quarterly report on a particular company and its subsidiaries, we have you covered. The great news is that this can be customised and tailored, so you’re not paying for what you don’t need. If you’re interested in tracking a company, organisation, industry or sector, custom reports can be produced for your specific requirements. Our data spans many public sources, saving you the time and resources required to learn more about a company.