Interested in a potential Retail Zoo (Betty's Burgers, Boost Juice, Cibo, Salsas) Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

We are experienced in deep-dive research that utilises publicly available data from places most people would not even know to look. When we have conducted deep research into companies wanting to list on the ASX in the past, we have often found they leave important details out of the information they provide to the public.

In the case of franchising, they can omit information about international growth, such as, entry into to countries that failed, stagnation and/or a decline in store numbers.

When researching Retail Food Group via our advocacy entity Franchise Redress in 2017/2018, we observed that 138 stores in the Gloria Jean's brand were unaccounted for when compared to the total number of stores published by RFG. One of many anomalies in their numbers that we observed.

Consider us for non-financial due diligence before investing. Our founders helped research and expose some of Australia's biggest franchising scandals.

Australia's Biggest Franchising Scandals - Diligence Research
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Published: 10 July 2021

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