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Founded in April of 2018, Diligence Research sets out to provide bespoke research and proprietary software solutions to those with an interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

Our clients range from journalists and lawyers through to ASX listed companies.


Maddison Johnstone: 0434 003 822 - Michael Fraser: 0458 369 975

Recent Posts
Domino's (DMP): Project 3TEN pizza delivery times in 2020 - 4/11/2020

In August of 2019, Diligence Research published a research piece analysing the average delivery times (ADT) for Domino’s Pizza stores in Australia. Domino's envisioned a reality where their stores would make pizzas in three minutes, and deliver in ten minutes. They announced this initiative in Ju...

Transurban Entities Allege Defects in Airport Link Tunnel Litigation - 18/6/2020

TWO Transurban related entities are suing Cimic Group, John Holland and Thiess in Queensland alleging defects that reduce the Airport Link Tunnel's "integrity and effectiveness". Court documents state the drainage infrastructure defects will continue to impact the "overall integrity and eff...

Domino's (DMP): A little look at Project 3TEN - 28/8/2019

In June of 2016, Domino's Pizza Enterprises announced Project 3/10, an initiative which over the next 3-5 years aimed to have fresh-made pizzas ready for pick up in three minutes or delivered to a customers house in 10 minutes. Fast forward just over three years to current day and the avera...

Free Reports
Guzman y Gomez Report - 6 October 2020

As Guzman y Gomez (GYG) ramps up their store footprint in Australia and move closer to a planned initial public offer...